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Sweaty Palms - Natural Cures for Sweaty Palms

sweaty palmsSweaty palms can cause a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment. Most people believe sweaty palms are caused by nervousness or anxiety, but there are many people who suffer from this condition without feeling a bit of nervousness or anxiety. In fact, the only anxiety is actually caused by the sweaty palms for many sufferers.

The condition is called hyperhidrosis and there are many people who suffer from the problem. Fortunately, there are some natural treatments and home remedies that can offer relief from the problem. In the past, the medical community believed that sweaty palms were the result of a psychosomatic illness, but today there is more evidence that the problem is a physical condition.

No More Sweaty Palms

Foods that contain iodine should be avoided to cure your sweaty palms. This should include asparagus, broccoli, beef, turkey, liver and white onion. The tannic acid in tea may help your sweaty palms as well. Make a hand soak with five tea bags and a quart of water. Allow the tea to cool and soak your hands in it for ten to fifteen minutes every day. The tannic acid may act as a natural antiperspirant for your hands.

Drinking sage tea is another natural cure for sweating palms that may help control the condition. Diet and drinking plenty of water will help to keep your body healthy while you are using natural remedies for sweaty palms. A well balanced diet will help all of the systems of the body which may control the sweating problem.

Do not use any baby powders or talcum powder on your hands. This may make the situation worse and having your hands coated with powder and sweaty palms will only create a bigger mess than simply sweaty palms.

Some people find that an antiperspirant rubbed on their hands does the trick. There are natural antiperspirants on the market that can be used if you do not wish to use a chemical on your hands. Antiperspirant rubbed on the hands may be the solution for your sweaty palms.  There are even antiperspirant lotions that are a much more convenient way of applying and reapplying to the hands.

Severe hyperhidrosis can be treated with surgery that is the only permanent cure for the problem at this time. Natural remedies can help to control the sweating without the expense and pain of surgery. However, many people find that surgery is their only solution. The surgery is endoscopic thoracoscopic sympathectomy and it can be performed for the hands, feet, armpit and the face as well.

Acupuncture is another natural homeopathic treatment that has been successful in the treatment of sweaty palms. A fully trained acupuncturist in your area can begin the treatment and help you find relief from the problem without surgery or electroshock treatments.

Natural remedies for sweaty palms are often the preferred method by those who are suffering from the condition. It is a preferable solution than the extreme surgical alternative that is available as well. Try some of the natural remedies before investigating the possibility of surgery for a much less invasive solution.

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No More Sweaty Palms