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Stress and Anxiety Equals Excessive Sweating

Stress and Anxiety Equals Excessive SweatingFor many people suffering from excessive sweating, the chances are they also suffer from anxiety or stress. Even though there is ample medical evidence that points to a link between sweating excessively and anxiety and stress, opinions are very much divided about what condition causes the other.

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Many people are under the belief that stress or anxieties are not specifically causes of sweating but merely come together to exacerbate a pre-existing medical condition the individual may have. Yet others appear to believe that stress and anxiety induced excessive sweating actually exists as a condition in itself.

Or to put it more simply, anxiety and stress bring on bouts of profuse sweating. Unfortunately, many people suffer ongoing periods of stress or anxiety so excessive sweating develops into an everyday part of life for them. Although hyperhidrosis is in itself a very complex condition that is not fully understood by everybody, the more likely scenario would be that both of the theories that were mentioned above are correct. The only thing that is definite though, is the fact that stress or anxiety does increase incidences of sweating.

Is it, therefore, not a vicious cycle of an individual sweating a little, which embarrasses them, which in turn makes them anxious or stressed out, which consequently makes them sweat more? And so on, and so forth. It consequently doesn’t matter which one happened to cause the other – the cycle just need to be broken.

The good news is that there are anxiety and stress treatments available, ranging from medication to relaxation practices. Medication could include the likes of antidepressants or diazepam, while self-help relaxation techniques could include controlled breathing. Hypnosis, yoga and therapy are some other methods to use to try and combat the situation.

For those who suffer from sweating excessively and feel prone to stress or anxiety, the first thing they should do is seek help and/or advice from their physician or doctor. This is just to ensure that the sweating isn’t due to an underlying medical condition. If there are no underlying medical conditions causing the problem, some simple relaxation techniques could actually work wonders.

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