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Stop Armpit Sweat Naturally

armpit sweatMany people are looking for a way to stop their bodies from producing sweat under the arms. The sweat that is produced by the body is a natural process that helps to keep it cooled down. It is also a way that the body releases toxins and waste materials. A condition called hyperhidrosis causes some people to suffer from excessive amounts of sweat produced in various areas of the body, including armpit sweat, sweaty palms and feet and on the face.

Excessive armpit sweat is considered to be a difficult social problem for many people. The person who is suffering from this condition often feels embarrassed and anxious about their condition. This can cause some people to feel depressed, withdrawn and stressed. Many people avoid social contact because of the condition as well. The accompanying body odor that goes along with armpit sweat is another issue that must be dealt with also.

Deodorants simply mask the problem and don’t really do anything to stop the excessive sweating. While they are a good way to help control the social problems that are created by excess armpit sweat, it is not the final solution. Antiperspirants can control the amount of sweat produced in the armpit area, but for some people this is not enough.

Natural remedies for excessive armpit sweat should start with a healthy diet. A diet that is as natural as possible and free of preservatives will help the body to function properly. Drink plenty of water to help the body eliminate toxins from the body and cool the body naturally.

Herbs that are used for excessive sweating include sage, valerian root, St. John’s Wort and astragalus. These herbs can be used together or individually as a tea to help the body to naturally stop producing an excessive amount of sweat.

Caffeine and smoking can increase the amount of sweat produced by the body because of its stimulant effect on the body. It is just as important to stop activities that are contributing to the problem as it is to start herbal remedies or other natural solutions.

Kava Kava is an herb that is generally used for anxiety, but it also has an effect on excessive sweating. There have been some health or safety concerns with the use of this herb and the side effects that can result. Discuss the use of Kava Kava with a qualified herbalist to be sure you are using it properly and are not dangerously mixing it with other herbs which can cause a toxic effect in your body.

To combat armpit sweat, keep the area clean and use a natural antiperspirant regularly. Not every treatment will work for every person which means that you will have to try a few treatments before you find the one that works best for you. Herbal remedies can be the answer for a variety of health issues including your excessive sweat. They work with the body to improve the natural function of the body and restore well being and health to the whole body.

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Stop Armpit Sweat