Excessive Sweating - How to Stop Sweating?

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Profuse Sweating - Eliminating Profuse Sweating with Natural Remedies

Profuse SweatingSweating is a natural function of the body and occurs for a variety of reasons. The body uses sweat to regulate its temperature and to release toxins as well. When you begin to suffer from profuse sweating, the condition is called hyperhidrosis.

Even though sweating is a natural part of the body, profuse sweating can cause a variety of embarrassing problems for the sufferer. In fact, the anxiety that is caused by excessive sweating often causes people to avoid social situations and contact with others.

Stop Profuse Sweating Naturally

Profuse sweating often goes hand in hand with excess weight. This can be the first step you should take to eliminate the amount of sweat that your body produces. Losing a few pounds will certainly benefit your health all around and it will reduce your sweat.

A healthy diet will help you to lose the weight and control profuse sweating. Eating a diet that is full of junk foods and preservatives will only make the sweating problem worse. Sweat is used by the body to remove toxins and when you are continuously putting more unnatural foods in your body, you are producing more toxins that must be eliminated. Eat foods that are as natural as possible to reduce excessive sweat.

Sage tea is one of the herbal treatments that you can use for profuse sweating. Drink this tea regularly to help the body function properly and reduce the need for excessive sweat. For profuse sweating on the hands or feet, a soak in cooled tea can help the problem with the tannic acid that is found in tea.  Take five tea bags to a quart of water to make your hand or foot soak. Allow the tea to cool till it is comfortable for you to soak your hands or feet for about ten to fifteen minutes. A soak in white vinegar and water is also a good solution for sweating hands and feet. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash the vinegar off of your hands and feet when you are finished to avoid the unpleasant odor.

Spicy foods should be avoided as they can make the problem much worse. Some spicy foods also cause you to have a horrible body odor.

Be excessively clean with your body. If you have to take a couple of showers a day, it is well worth the effort to keep the profuse sweating from causing a body odor problem. Take along a change of clothes with you to work or school so you can change if the sweating becomes excessive during the day. Many people do this if they have an important meeting later in the day.

Avoid excessive caffeine, smoking and alcohol to prevent the body from sweating profusely. Caffeine and smoking have a stimulant effect on the body which can result in an excess of sweat. Monitor how your body reacts to eliminating these substances from your diet. You may be able to control profuse sweating by simply making these lifestyle changes.

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Stop Profuse Sweating