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Caffeine – Does it contribute to Excessive Sweating?

Caffeine – Does it contribute to Excessive Sweating?There is some debate as to whether stimulants like caffeine can actually contribute to excessive sweating. Some medical professionals say yes, some say no, and just to confuse things, some just sit on the fence without committing one way or the other.

As mentioned, caffeine is a type of stimulant and it can be found in drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cocoa and cola, as well as in some drugs and weight control supplements.

Stop excessive sweating

It is said that excessive consumption of caffeine can trigger certain imbalances in the body which can then contribute to sweating in certain individuals. It then goes on from this that avoiding caffeine could result in beneficial effects, including the control of excessive sweating. But does it? Some experts suggest that avoiding excess caffeine may only be beneficial for milder forms of sweating conditions or hyperhidrosis and that it may not be effective for excessive or profuse sweating.

Does this answer the question though as to whether caffeine causes sweating? Well, it has been more or less proven to contribute to it but as to how much and whether avoiding it actually helps, is another matter. Individuals trying to get to the bottom of their perspiration issues need to try different things. Cutting out or lowering the intake of caffeine may help a bit, but it will only be effective as part of a wider solution. There are many, many ways to try and stop sweating, so all avenues should be explored before deciding on one treatment or the other.

Some people may notice that after drinking their cup of coffee in the morning that they start sweating. Is this the caffeine, or is it something to do with the hotness of the drink? They should try experimenting; drinking coffee at different times as opposed to having a cup first thing, try changing to decaf coffee, change to green tea, have a cold drink instead. There are many things, as we said, that can contribute to successfully eradicating the problem of excessive sweating. Try different remedies and see if you can hit on the right one – don’t be afraid to experiment!

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