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Beat Your Sweating Demons Review

There are a whole lot of books out there which profess to hold the secrets of sweat relief. Brian Barrett does no such thing with Beat Your Sweating Demons. All he does is present a method for dealing with sweating problems which, if you look at it logically, should work. The author himself has suffered from excessive armpit sweat and comes across as a regular guy just trying to share what has worked for him.

He manages to connect with his readers by offering up a little of what he has gone through and the life he leads. That’s not to say that this book is just a chronicle of someone’s sweating problems. To the contrary. Brian does an admirable job of presenting information on how to stop sweating in a clear, concise manner that is easily understood by everyone.

Beat Your Sweating Demons - About the Ebook

He starts off by introducing himself, and then launches into a description of the causes and types of excessive sweating. There isn’t much by way of technical medical jargon, but simply lends to the readability. The book seems to be designed for the regular person in the street, not for someone who is looking to do medical research.

Many books on sweating problems simply try to sell readers on a particular method of relief while bashing others. Brain manages to stay away from this and actually provides information on radical therapies such as surgeries. He does a good job of presenting natural healing methods, including the use of essential oils and baking soda, and describes how they have worked for him. He even outlines how diet changes can aid in reducing sweating and how important practicing good hygiene is. Having this personal touch goes a long way towards adding to his credibility.

Overall, the book is well written and if I absolutely had to name one complaint it would be that he could have gone into a little more detail regarding the essential oils. It would have been nice to have gotten some recipes, but there are ton of them out there anyway. I would definitely recommend getting a copy of Beat Your Sweating Demons if you suffer from sweating problems.

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